Not Your Grannie’s Dusting Powder

The thought of facial or body powder often leaves us with memories of large jars of thick, chalky powder and a puffy pillow applicator found on our grandmother’s vanity table. The dusting powder we remember has been used for generations as a light skin coating or touch-up during the day to absorb moisture and leave a subtle scent on a woman’s arms, neck, and face. And your memory serves you right: it is often heavy and messy. Some, in fact, have claimed that it is bad for the respiratory system, as it can be inhaled during application. But don’t let your grandmother’s dusting powder keep you away from the benefits of the newer, lightweight facial powders of today.

Facial powders today are nothing like the old dusting powders, except for their basic use. For naturally oily skin, the minerals help absorb the oil and keep skin from being too shiny or greasy. But good quality facial powder is perfect for all skin types, lightweight, and easy to apply. This powder is worn either under makeup to provide a dry, matte base or over to help set the products. And, as always, it can be used for a touch-up during a hot day. For a good example, check out Jane Iredale’s Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder. Pair it with a large makeup brush, you’ll be good go on a warm, sunny day!


Pro Tip: Yes! You can use your facial powder on other oily parts of your body! On particularly hot and steamy days, dust a little powder on your chest and neck or upper arms to mask the oil. You’ll have a healthy glow, but none of those embarrassing sweat droplets!

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