Need Help With Your Cosmetics? Watch These Videos!

Have you ever wondered how to properly apply lip liner? What about eye shadow?

Have you ever wondered how to take your “day look” to “night look” in only a few minutes?

Do you need help visualizing the newest trends in cosmetics?

Jane Iredale is here to help with dozens of videos posted on her very own YouTube Channel! The videos posted span various topics–everything from application help for specific Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup products to general “How To” videos like this one:

In this video, we see a model apply an eye gloss, gold dust, eye liner, eye pencil, lash extender, and mascara on her eyes. She then moves on to use a cream blush and lip tint. The video is only two minutes long and shows an easy way to prep for a party!

Take a look and then browse around the rest of the videos. I’m sure there’s something you can learn!

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