Aging Gracefully Like The Stars

When it comes to looking good over the age of 50, we often turn to celebrities for advice because we’ve watched so many of them age through the years. We’ve seen their style develop, their hair change, and their persona mature as they grow older. But we also know that the “beauty” of older celebrities is misleading as they have massive budgets and personal stylists. Most of them have also had at least some form of plastic surgery. But, there are a few celebrities that we can look to for advice about how to age gracefully–and look great doing it and they all seem to agree: eat well, stay active, and take care of your skin!

Stars like Jane Seymour, Iman, and Diane Keaton are all at least 55 years old, but look fabulous. And it’s not just their style and million dollar wardrobe. Ask them and other well-worn celebs their tricks to aging gracefully and you’ll hear a lot of the same answers. Many of them are vegetarians, or on some sort of healthy food regimen; all of them stay physically active in some way, from cardio to swimming, to playing tennis in their down time; all of them starting taking good care of their skin at a young age. And it’s definitely paying off!

How can you apply these tricks of the trade to you own life?

Eat Well. This lifestyle decision is not easy, but offers quick rewards. Even a small change in diet can make a big difference, so it’s never too late to make a change! Start small. Maybe cut out processed sugar or high-fat desserts. Limit your meat consumption to a few days a week and transition to a plant-based diet. The shift in your body’s overall health will make you feel–and look–years younger.

Stay Active. If you spend more time on the couch or in the car than on your feet, you aren’t alone. Most people over the age of 50 grow sedentary very quickly, especially if they are in their retirement years. To keep your body healthy and youthful, you need to keep active. Buy a comfortable bicycle and ride around your neighborhood. Take the dog for a walk instead of letting him play in the yard. Join a fitness club with a few friends. Take up a new, active hobby like water aerobics or golf. When you reach the age of 70, you’ll feel not a day over 50!

Take Care of Your Skin. It is impossible to overemphasize how important skin health is to your overall appearance. And all star who are aging gracefully have this one thing in common: great skin. There are a few simple ways to insure you protect this great asset. First, protect if from the sun. While a tan looks great at the age of 25, it can take a serious toll on your skin the long-run. So, don’t skimp on the SPF. Also, moisturize. Especially on your face, around your eyes and mouth. A few laugh lines or wrinkles around your smile will be nice when you turn 60, but too many will make you look tired and old. Find a good moisturizer for your face and then apply a skin-tightening serum (like this one from Germaine Monteil Paris) . Do this morning and evening and, within weeks, you’ll notice your skin has a more young, healthy tone and strength.

Follow the advice of the stars and take care of yourself now while you still feel young and able!


Pro Tip: Never assume that cosmetic surgery is the only solution to aging well. Diane Keaton is the perfect example of a celebrity whose beauty transcends her age and who has not resorted to cosmetic surgery to keep herself looking young. Her style is classy, fun, and age appropriate. What’s the best thing about her over-60 look? It’s all natural!! So, before you consider surgically altering any part of your body or face to smooth the aging process, look to Ms Keaton for inspiration! She’s the real expert.




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