Get That Red Carpet Look with Jane Iredale and Alexandra de Markoff

If the 2012 Academy Awards were any indication, bold, red lips and dramatic eyes are still the look of choice for the stars. But, how can your average woman achieve a red carpet-worthy look without the help of a professional beauty team to make it happen? Let Jane Iredale and Alexandra de Markoff do the work for you! This step-by-step product guide will help you achieve star quality!

Step 1: Eyes

After applying your usual powder or concealer base, begin your dramatic transformation with Jane Iredale Cosmetics’ Pure Pressed Eye Shadow in a muted, smokey color. (Remember, when applying, that the attention should be drawn to your lips–not eyes. So, keep the shadow subtle.) Then, use a Jane Iredale Eye Pencil to intensify the upward curve of the eye and lashes. Finish the eyes off with Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara, another Jane Iredale mineral makeup product that actually conditions as it highlights the lashes.


Step 2: Lips

Bold is the key when it comes to star-quality lips. So, begin your routine with Alexandra de Markoff’s Illusion For Lips, which has the benefits of Botox without the injections. (Whew!) Then, move on to the Lip Conditioner Plus, which preps the sensitive skin on your lips for their fifteen minutes of fame. It will nourish, smooth, and protect, and is great for days with or without lipstick! The finishing touch for your lips is the bold, red hue. Try Lasting Luxury Lipstick by Alexandra de Markoff in the color “American Beauty,” a perfect name for this iconic look.



Pro Tip: After a night out on the town, who wants to take time to wash off that makeup? Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt is the perfect solution for those who want the look on their face, not on their pillow. The Magic Mitt is used like a washcloth, but requires no cleanser! Its knitted microfibers do all the work of breaking down the oils in cosmetics, to leave your face clean, dry, and ready for a good night’s rest.