Hide Those Morning Eyes

We’ve all been there: It’s been a long day and you’re home late. You wash your face, brush your teeth, and settle into bed. The clock reads 1:14am and you will have to wake up in less than five hours. You have a big, important meeting first-thing in the morning and the only thing on your mind is how terrible you will look when you hear that alarm clock ring and roll out of the bed. Let’s face it, a lack of sleep is bad for your mind, bad for your body, and very bad for your eyes. So, even if you’re confident that you can fake your way through this morning meeting, your eyes can’t lie. Cosmetics can help, but they don’t solve the whole problem.

What causes those red, puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles that so many of us find on our faces in the morning? And how can you get rid of them?
First, try drinking more water. Dehydration might not be the direct cause of the “morning eyes,” but water solves a multitude of skin problems and could help alleviate the redness and puffiness. Also, try a few home remedies such as cucumber slices, almond oil, or used tea bags to cool and soothe the eyelids. Then, get out in the sun! Vitamin D works wonders for tired eyes.

While you’re perfecting your “morning eyes” remedies, a few tried-and-true products can help you along the way. When you first rise from bed, try a soothing cream like Alexandra de Markoff’s Comfort Eye Gel. Then, before applying the rest of your eye makeup, Jane Iredale’s Active Light Under Eye Concealer will cover the dark circles and create an even palate for the rest of your cosmetics. No one will every know you’re running such an important meeting on only five hours of sleep!



Pro Tip: If you’re still struggling with red, puffy morning eyes, try adjusting your cosmetics’ color palate! Stick to lighter, pale colors for eye shadows and lips. The muted colors will help even your skin tone and draw attention away from the problem.