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Monteil Acti Vita Throat Cream

This non-greasy neck and decolllete treatment tightens and give lasting vitality and resilience. The complex contains Pro C gen refines skin texture with softiness and delicacy. Premature aging in the neck area is eliminated.

Active ingredients:

Genistein derived from soybean

  • can penetrate deeply into the skin
  • it protects against free radicals and cell damage
  • promotes the division rate of the connective tissue cells
  • simiulate the synthesis of collagen and hormal balance of the skin
  • effective anti aging ingredeint

Pepha Protect

forms protective shield around the cell

effectivly counteracts damage to the DNA of the skin cells.

Stabilazed Vitamin C 

  • rejuvented effect since it promotes production of skin-tightning collagen and elastin.
  • reduces excell progmentation and creates even skin

Also contains vegetable complexes:

Jojoba Oil

Wheat Germ oil

Almond OIl

   1.7 Ounces

List Price:  $75.00


Product Description:

Apply upward in circular motions

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